Skära  Skar  is a kitchen knife packaging project. The box and logo were inspired by the sharp yet elegant characteristics of knives.

The Name

Skära means "cut" in Swedish. This worked out perfectly for a kitchen knife brand as the name said aloud sounds sharp and pointy as well.

Logo Constuction

Knives are sharp, so the Skära logo should be sharp. A bespoke logotype was drawn for the brand using thick-to-thin transitions and pointed terminals. The logo works well at most sizes.

The Box

Three knives encased in a tin box wrapped in a bright red sleeve. Open the box and the beautiful kitchen knives are held in place by layered foam - laser cut to perfectly contour the knives.


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Nick Losacco
Montréal, QC, Canada

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I’m a designer with a focus on type design, branding and editorial design. With a background in photography, my knowledge of form, composition and colour help me create memorable pieces that intend to excite and inspire clients and designers alike. I aspire to work locally and internationally. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for projects and collaborations.

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