Naptime  Naptimeis a poster about gun control in the United States. School shootings have gotten out of control. Let's put this issue to rest.

The Statistics

The USA have had 57 times as many school shootings as other major industrialized nations combined. The fact that a poster needs to be made about school shootings is ridiculous to begin with.

The Concept

Covering a gun with stickers brings light to the contrast between innocent, playful childhood and the sinister truth of the matter.

Type Design

Bespoke typography was created to reflect the difference between childhood and deadly weaponry. A rounded serif with comical undertones pushes absurdity forward.


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Nick Losacco
Montréal, QC, Canada

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I’m a designer with a focus on type design, branding and editorial design. With a background in photography, my knowledge of form, composition and colour help me create memorable pieces that intend to excite and inspire clients and designers alike. I aspire to work locally and internationally. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for projects and collaborations.

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