Index  Indexis a reference book about printing and printmaking. Aimed at designers interested in physical motives, this book is quite large.

The Cover

Removable, the cover acts as a sleeve around the book. This means while reading, the reader can remove the cover and use the index without having to turn the large, bulky pages back to the beginning of the book.

Type and Graphics

BC Falster Grotesk by Briefcase Type and Base Nine by Emigre were used in tandem. Graphics and diagrams in the book were drawn with simple line drawings and filled in with repeated, thinner lines.

Different Page Sizes

Each spread measures 22" x 17". Smaller sub-pages are included to break up the reading experience and hide/show information and graphics. These pages are printed on a heavy, 2-ply Mayfair paper.


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Nick Losacco
Montréal, QC, Canada

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I’m a designer with a focus on type design, branding and editorial design. With a background in photography, my knowledge of form, composition and colour help me create memorable pieces that intend to excite and inspire clients and designers alike. I aspire to work locally and internationally. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for projects and collaborations.

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2019 — Communication Arts Typography Annual
2019 — Pica Magazine 10
2018 — Applied Arts Typography Application
2015 — Photo Service Prize for Excellence