Francofête  Francofêteis a festival celebrating the french language. Daniel Schrier and I worked together to create their 2018 and 2019 posters.


The 2018 event theme was diversity among the french-speaking community in Quebec. Our concept was purely typographic. Letters of all shapes and sizes getting along in one exciting, energy-fueled poster. Three A0 posters alternating within a fixed colour palette were developped and slapped all over the school to promote the event.


The 2019 Francofête theme was a direct focus on the french language. Our concept was taken very literally. An eye peers into the accent that is a telltale sign of the french language. Bright colours were used to remind the viewer of the party aspect of the events.


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I’m a designer with a focus on type design, branding and editorial design. With a background in photography, my knowledge of form, composition and colour help me create memorable pieces that intend to excite and inspire clients and designers alike. I aspire to work locally and internationally. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for projects and collaborations.

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